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Discussion in 'MacBook' started by ib4walrus, Dec 22, 2008.

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    I'm planning to upgrade my current internal drive into a larger drive (also need help deciding whether the WD Scorpio Black/Blue is reliable and a good choice).
    So for the future drive I would like to partition it so I can have both OSX and Windows (for light gaming). So this leads to my series of questions:
    1. How would I be able to move ALL my current files from the old one to the new one (easiest/fastest way)?
    2. Will I have to install OSX on the new drive before I can partition it?
    3. If I do install OSX first and I copy all of the computer files over, will there be duplicates (of the main computer files, not my media files)?
    4. Basically for the partition for windows all I will need to do is use boot camp with a windows disc?
    5. And what can I do with the old internal?

    I apologize beforehand if these questions have already been asked.
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    1. The easiest way would be if you already have an external "Carbon Copy Cloner" just google it. It will make a bootable copy of your HD and send it to the external....(before you do that however make sure your external is formatted for GUID so it can boot.) Install the New HD after you use CCC. Then boot the system from the external HD....when you get to the desktop format the HD and then run CCC again and have it clone the external to the new internal.

    2. I'm assuming if your gonna partition through bootcamp then yes you need OSX installed, a regular partition through Disk Utility only requires format no OSX

    3. are you planning on copying system files over?

    4. Yes run bootcamp, have it partition, then when its done insert your windows cd and it will auto restart and start installing windows

    5.Use it for a paperweight....or buy an external 2.5" SATA enclosure and use it as another external HD
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    Good choice...I have the Scorpio Black and love it.
    You could purchase an enclosure as well as the new drive, put the new drive into the enclosure, clone your existing drive to the new drive, then switch the drives. When you boot to your new drive, it will be exactly as you have now. Sound easy? It really is.

    With the method mentioned above, you would prepare the new drive with only one partition like you have now using Disk Utility off your current drive. Leave the partitioning to Boot Camp Assistant after your new drive is up and running.
    With the method above, this is N/A.
    Yes.. you run Boot Camp Assistant and have your windows disk handy.
    Using the method described above, your old drive is now an external drive that you can use for whatever.

    This is an overview to help with your decision making process. Please ask away when it comes to the details. Hope this helps -GDF
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