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    Jun 11, 2007
    This might belong in the peripheral forum, but since it involves having a prgoram to partition the HD, and there are more people viewing this section, I decided to post it here. If admin thinks this is inappropriate, please move the thread. Thanks!

    I just got my beautiful Seagate FreeAgent Pro, although it would be more beautiful had they allowed for the base to come off (would make packing it in a suitcase so much easier). I swear, I'm amazed that sometimes companies don't ahve the decency to give us such a minimal option as this one.

    K, this is from one of my previous threads:
    First of all, the OS X partition, did he mean HFS+ by that?
    Second of all, how do i go about partitioning the HD?
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    Yeah, I believe OSX partition was referring to HFS+. You can partition a drive from Disk Utility in the Utilities folder. There should be a partitions tab near the top somewhere. :)

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