Partitioning New External Drive HSF+ and NTSF . Simple

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    Hi All,

    I thought that I would post this and let you know how I formatted my new 1TB external for both HFS+ and NTFS. It had been a few years since I had done that so I checked the internet and got an array of contrary and convoluted information. But, this is what worked for me.

    Pretty simple and straightforward.

    In Mac:
    Disk Utility> Partition
    -create two partitions. You'll determine their sizes.
    Partition 1 format HFS+ I named it MAC External
    Partition 2 format MS DOS (FAT) I named it W7 External

    -Exit Mac

    In Windows 7
    Open Disk Management
    Locate your external drive.
    You will see the Mac partition and you will see an Unallocated partition. Choose the Unallocated partition, (that will become your W7) but you will need to name it and format it NTSF.

    -Exit Disk Management


    That was it. Hope it works for you as well.

    More room is nice on both sides. I did my image and then backup copy for W7. And now in Mac I decided to use Time Machine for the very first time, since I found this application to schedule Time Machine more eco nomically (hour, or day, or week, or month...instead of it's current hourly updating). I could see why people ran out of hard drive space. The free application I found is called Time Machine Editor. Hope it works, if not I will do a SuperDuper clone and call that good. The link for Time Machine Editor

    Also on a side note, the new drive is a Hitachi 7200/1TB and it was so quiet that I had to check the enclosure repeatedly to reafirm that it was running. Very very very quiet drive. This drive replaced the original noisy Seagate that was in my LaCie Quadra2 enclosure. And firewire does really play a key role when using these larger drive.

    Hope some of this information is beneficial to our members.
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    I actually did something similar awhile back. Except I did three partitions and used MBR instead of GUID, if that's what you were using. I set the NTFS partition as the first, so Windows computers without Boot Camp could still use the drive without me having to install anything or do any extra work to make it work. Not sure if computers without Boot Camp will read NTFS partitions outside of the first with MBR, never tried.

    Second and third partitions were both HFS+. The second partition was for general storage, while the third was strictly for Time Machine.

    Ultimately, it's been working pretty well for me.

    The only downside is, on computers WITH Boot Camp installed, I sometimes have trouble ejecting the drive. It's constantly complaining it's in use, when it usually isn't. However, on computers WITHOUT Boot Camp, it ejects just fine.

    Windows, :rolleyes: amirite? :p

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