Partitioning Time Capsule's HD for use by multiple computers

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by ruamrudee, Jun 2, 2012.

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    Jun 2, 2012
    I have 1 MacOSX notebook and one Mac Mini desktop running MacOS X (all my devices are on the latest available version of Mac OSX). I both a 2TB Time capsule device which has both a router and a hard disk in it. I would like to partition the 2TB disk into 3 partitions.

    One partition in order to file away content (files, photographs, etc.) that I do not wish to be on neither my notebook nor my desktop. (Partition 1). Partition 1 therefore is not to be a "back-up partition", but simply a dumb storage partition that I want to be able to access from any computer in the future.

    A second partition in order to use Time Machine to back-up the desktop. (Partition 2)

    The third partition in order to use Time Machine to back-up the notebook. (Partition 3)

    Question 1: How do I partition the 2TB disk as described above? Does it matter if it is done from the desktop or the notebook? How do I connect the 2TB hard disk to the computer to be used to partition it (USB cable, wirelessly, other?)?

    Question 2: How do I move the files from the desktop to Partition 1? Connect the two devices with a USB cable or wireless connection or other? Then, how do I move the files across? Is there some utility or can it be done with simple drag-and-drop?

    Question 3: I suppose that if either or both computers are in the vicinity of the Time Capsule on a wireless network, each computer will be able to automatically detect the partition relevant to it for back-up purposes. Correct?

    Question 4: Will I see Partition 1 as an external, available hard disk storage device in Finder from any computer connected to the wireless network where the Time Capsule resides? That is, no matter what computer I happen to be suing, if I need to, I will easily have access to the files I stored in Partition 1.

    I have read everything I could find and the instructions from Apple are less than clear about these issues. Thank you all for considering this set of questions and for providing detailed, concrete responses.
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    Oct 14, 2005
    There is no supported method of partitioning a Time Capsule. I've seen threads from others that have physically opened the Time Machine case, removed the drive, hooked it to their Mac, partitioned it, and then put it back. But then you've voided your hardware warranty for the unit, and pretty much nobody does this, so you're on your own for support.

    You don't have to partition it for multiple computers to backup to it. By default, it will put each computer's backup in a unique file, and both will continue to grow until the drive fills up, and then it will proceed to remove the oldest backups.

    Until that happens, you can use the free space of the drive for "dumb storage". Another option would be to buy an inexpensive external USB drive, plug it into the Time Capsule, and share it out. You can then use that drive for all of your "dumb storage".

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