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Parts giveaway - just pay shipping


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Jan 2, 2020
Upgrading my PowerPC machines has left me with a handful of parts that I can't see myself needing later, and are just taking up space. As a thank-you to this community for helping me out with questions along the way I'm offering these up for the cost of shipping only.

- Misc. RAM for a Power Mac G5, mid-2004. If I remember right, there is 1.5 GB total.
- Misc. RAM for a PowerBook G4. I have a couple unknown (256 MB?) modules and 2x 512 MB modules.
- Misc. RAM for a B&W Power Mac G3, 3x 128 MB. Also have 4x 256 MB sticks but these are high density so they show up as 128 MB each. My mistake when buying it.
- DVD ROM drive. Works fine in a Power Mac but the eject button physically didn't work on my G3, because of the indirect push arm mechanism.
- ATI Rage 128 graphics card (stock) from my B&W G3, have the ROM backed up as well for it although that's probably worthless
- Stock hard drive for a 2004 PowerBook G4, 80 GB 4200rpm (I assume)

The big one is a 17" PowerBook G4 carcass, 1,5 Ghz. I bought this as a parts laptop, which I have pulled some stuff from already.
- The keyboard/top section (the part you remove to access the innards) is shagged, someone before me tried to solder on jumpers to repair the connector. But all the keys are on the keyboard and maybe there's other stuff you can salvage from this part.
- The motherboard or CPU is cocked. It won't boot, no matter what I tried, hence why it is a parts laptop to me. But there are probably bits that can be saved. I already tried all the keyboard commands for resetting the PRAM, PMU, NVRAM, whatever, etc... so don't get your hopes up (with a working keyboard, not the broken one)
- The display is probably fine, it looks excellent. However I can only vouch for how it looks powered off, I bought it as a "parts only" deal on ebay and have never been able to get it to turn on.
- I'm keeping the right speaker since I need this for my own PB G4 but you can have the left one
- SuperDrive is unknown. I swapped it with the one from my other PB G4, and that one was never tested
- No hard drive but I can include some RAM as mentioned in the earlier bullet points
- No battery, RAM cover, or charger. This is how I originally recieved it otherwise I would include it.
- Case is in 6/10 condition, there is some clear wear and tear and some dents on it. But it's free! And it's 17"

I can post pictures on request. And sorry in advance if I'm slow to ship stuff, only leaving my house when I really need to in these times. I'm located in Texas.

Cheers and please stay safe,
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Feb 4, 2012
Kent, UK
Great idea, maybe with Michael's permission we could all use this thread to offer up free parts?

Cheers :)

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Dec 17, 2015
Red Springs, NC
I'll take the Rage128, it should fit in the small flat rate "video" box from USPS Priority.

I'm not in any rush to get it, and it maybe some help to the community down the road, as we've been working on Rage 128 emulation for qemu-system-ppc.

PM me you're PayPal with a shipping price you'll take for it, if that's ok.
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Jan 2, 2020
Hughmac, no problem from me!

DearthnVader, it's yours. Will get in touch over PM regarding shipping.

I have a ton of shipping materials here so I'll be using that where possible, and shipping via USPS. Should have some flat rate boxes.
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