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Discussion in 'iOS Apps' started by noobinator, Feb 15, 2016.

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    Can someone fill me in on how these password apps work? I understand you have one master pw then the app creates random pw for everything you need. So does this mean if my main pw is hacked then everything is hacked? this seems kind of dangerous but I guess no more dangerous than remembering other pws.

    And how does it work in ios? Does it prefill pws or do i have to toggle through and find it each time? And how about integration with PCs and macs? I use chrome on my home pc alot too so it'd be nice to have it cross platform. I guess I've just never understood fully how these pw programs work and am looking for some first hand knowledge.
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    Apr 30, 2012
    1password app is the only answer. I use it on my phone, iPad and paid for the Mac app. It's become a lifesaver numerous times for syncing and saving passwords, automatically logging into sites for me and storing important data so i don't need to write it down. Highly recommended you look into this app. Their website and numerous reviews explain how it all works.

    Oh and I use iOS keychain to store my passwords too for browsing safari. I haven't used 1password to make new passwords but I'm considering it. They have a Mac app and safari extension. All these options make password managing so easy.
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    I've used DataVault for years. Both your password and data are hashed and encrypted separately. You can set it to reset your database after 3 attempts with the wrong (guessed) password.

    It also has the usual feature where you can create a password of varied length, using letters, numbers, characters, as you need. You can create your own or stick with what you've got.

    Available for iOS, OS X, Windows, and Android. You can sync automatically to Dropbox across all platforms, and iCloud with your Apple products. There's been 1 paid update in the last 10 years, and each version is $9.99. Well worth it.

    I liked the product so much, I eventually went to work for this small company. I do all tier 1 support.
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    Syncing password apps don't all work in the same manner. I use Enpass and it doesn't have any browser plugin for just syncs with an encrypted "vault" file on one of several cloud services.

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