Password Protect folders/files


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Apr 27, 2006
Without useinf firevault (which told me i need 4068gb of free space to turn on :confused: ) how can i put a password on folders and documents i dont want anyone to see if they get on my account.....and no its not sure i saved one of you a comment lol


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Mar 16, 2004
Andover, MA
It takes all of two minutes to do that, and there's no download required. Make one big image and you can put all of your stuff there, so you can just do it once.


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Jan 12, 2005
Houston, Tx
Just choose sparse image and set an upper limit. Then it will take up just the size of the contents, and not the upper limit you set.


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Dec 2, 2003
To lock a folder so it needs an admin password for access:

1) get info on the folder and turn down the "Details" triangle at the bottom
2) set group to "nobody" and no access
3) set others to no access
4) change the owner to "nobody"
5) close the lock

Note 1: There is a window of time of about a minute when you can still change these privileges without entering your admin password. To gain access back to the folder click the lock and select your normal user. You will then be prompted for an admin password, type it in and you now have access again.

Note 2: I tested this using my normal everyday non-admin account. It should work just the same if you use an admin account as your regular everyday user account, but you should just double check the procedure if you do. In fact, if you use an admin account as your everyday account then you probably want to change that anyway.

Note 3: This is not something I've rigorously tested, so (unless someone wants to do some extensive testing) it is not something you should rely on for maximum security. This is probably best for keeping the casual snooper from easily getting into your private stuff. For instance, the files names will still probably show up if a person does a find file command.