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Jul 31, 2009
United States
All my icloud keychain passwords were deleted*. I have backups (but not Time Machine).

Is there a way to restore passwords from backup? What are the basic steps for that?, i.e. what file(s) am I looking for and can I just replace the ones from backup?

I've googled this a bit and know it's been asked before here, but have just gotten more confused on what to do or not to do as stuff changes from version to version (I'd restore the backup on a Mac running Sonoma 14.3.1).

* On one of my macbooks that never leaves the house, I removed password requirement for waking from sleep, and was asked if I wanted to remove the password keychain from that macbook, and I clicked "yes", and it then proceeded to nuke all the passwords from icloud keychain on all my other Apple devices. All gone. I keep passwords for my most important accounts in a separate password manager, but not for common accounts, which I have a couple hundred previously stored in icloud keychain.
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