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    Aug 11, 2013
    So i am REALLY REALLY new to all of this.

    I'm looking at Patrick Muffs Themes and i loved them all and i installed the repo (it took awhile for me to understand how to do it too), at first the 24-hour time clock and the translucent status bar didn't bug me at first and now i'm curious as to how to change. Now i will say I AM NEW TO THIS so bear with my current knowledge to all of this.

    This is my current setup

    I am running on my IOS 6.1.2, Open SSH
    Patrick is telling me to delete the translucent html code and finding the true 12-hour line (as in the picture below below)

    now how the hell do i do that? i don't even begin to understand how to use OpenSSH i mean i changed my password through the terminal on my mac but now i'm at

    (for example):~ root#

    and i dont know what to do from here to bring up the html coding for the theme on my mac os, or am i supposed to somehow do this on my phone

    please help i am really bad at all this but i just want to edit a few things so i can have an extensive knowledge for the future if i want to edit my phone some more.

    anything will help.
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    Install iFile on your phone from Cydia and then you can edit the appropriate files directly on your phone.
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