Paying with iPad 2: Now I'm Def. Buying it.

Discussion in 'iPad' started by Yellowstone2012, Mar 16, 2011.

  1. Yellowstone2012 macrumors regular

    Feb 3, 2011
    I played with an iPad 2 at one of my local best buys. (local per se; 30 mins out.) and after feeling how light it was, OMG. It's WAY lighter than iPad 1. It's also extremely thin, which also helps reduces it's weight. When I picked it up, it was like "WOW". I was going to play with Garage Band, but I didn't see it installed. (I have never got into music too.)

    I tried PhotoBooth, and the thermal cam is amazing. Don't need to spend thousands to get a dedicated FLIR. When I first opened it, I thought it was broke. Turns out I had to touch the screen. (LOL)

    I was going to wait for iPad 3, but I thought "what if iPad 3 DOESN'T have a retina display." Maybe that is what the manufacturing issues were; trying to get a 9.7" RD.

    Overall, iPad 2 is an amazing device. Apple has done it again. I may actually be getting black. White did not look that good. I'll have to spend more time with it at BB to be sure though.
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    It does seem pretty great, if only they existed in the stores...:mad:
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    Dear Op = Picky as hell customer

    Retina display was just a term we have developed. It costs us roughly 130 dollars for just this thin display with 1024X 768 resolution. People say Motorola xoom has higher resolution, but our display is IPS display and their tablet is not.
    With the rising costs in gas prices and recent disasters in Japan, we have struggled to keep the costs start at 499 dollars. If we did retina display, the display alone would make us break that 499 dollars limit. Also, we are already having a trouble meetin the demands, we just cannot produce those kind of high res panels enough to meet the demands.

    We are all sold out of iPad 2. We will be sold out for a long time like until late Summer. For original iPad, we struggled to keep the demand until like Fall. So, with higher demands on iPad 2, we dare you to purchase iPad 2. It won't be so easy.

    In the end, No one really cares about this and since you said retina display, it just shows how ignorant some of these people are. I hope you don't get iPad 2.

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    I made the mistake of going by my apple store today and picking up the, safari took off on the store's wi-fi!

    Twas a mistake, because until then I was perfectly willing to sit out v2. I could really appreciate the speed difference between the two versions.

    Is there as much of an appreciable difference on 3G, or is the network going to negate any speed differential between the two.

    Damn it.
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    I am confused..
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    Try asking BB to let you go in a dark room and see if it's still amazing with the BACKLIGHT BLEEDING! :( and then tell us if you still want to buy it. :rolleyes::cool:
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    Or try using it as you normally do, and then see if you still like it...
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    You do if you want something that is actually an IR camera and not just a recolored image.

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