Payment issue with Apple Pay.

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    May 26, 2016
    So finally I decided to get the new iPad 2017 for myself to be able to use all the new iPad specific features coming along in iOS 11. Tried to buy it last night from the Apple Store app on my iPhone via Apple Pay and the transaction got declined twice.

    I contacted Apple via chat support this morning and they suggested that on the first look at my account and iCloud details there seems to be no problem and advised me to speak to the bank.

    I contacted the bank and after looking into the transaction failure logs they came back saying that they can see the transaction being declined and the reason is mentioned as something like - "Apple Policy". So looks like something is on the Apple end rather than the bank and the customer service rep also confirmed that there is no spending limit enforced on my card either.

    So I went back to apple and after being on long hold for a couple of times finally a manager came along and said that they will forward my case to the technical team to have a look. So I am waiting now for her to get back to me possibly on Monday.

    NB - I use Apple Pay on my phone literally everyday for contactless transactions and I have also used it within apps like JustEat and ASOS without any issues.

    I'm wondering ifanybody else had such issues and what did they do to resolve it.
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    That's pretty weird, as I've done some purchases in the past through the app for computers and such. What card type is it (credit/debit), network (Visa/MC/Amex/Discover/Interac/UnionPay), and issuing bank?
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    May 26, 2016
    Master card

    I've never had issues with using that card before. I've directly used it many times to buy iPhones, iPads and Macs.
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    Just to add my two cents in. I use Apple Pay nearly everyday. I once bought two Macbook Pros at the Apple Store and Apple Pay worked for over £2000. No problems whatsoever when using my Santander cards. The one time I used my Halifax credit card to buy an iPhone, it declined both times and I had to use my Santander card. The employee said that people have issues paying with Halifax and Lloyds. So I had a look on their websites and both Halifax and Lloyds mention that "To protect you from fraud, we may restrict the value or number of payments you can make using Apple Pay". I know you're using in-app Apple Pay but I suspect that it might be something to do with this since it will be such a large value transaction.
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    May 26, 2016
    Yes, I know what you mean. And this is why I spoke to the bank as well. Lloyds have confirmed that there is no such restrictions being imposed on my card.

    Also, I've used the same card to buy a MacBook and an iPad before which costed me more than £2000.
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    May 26, 2016
    Update - so I had a call from Apple today and someone new was dealing with the case. After explaining all the details to him again, he said he requires access to my account to get this issue sorted.

    He asked me to go to & login to my account and then generate a support pin and give it to him. Then he wanted my consent to access my account to try and resolve this issue with the engineering team. This sounds so weird to me. Why do they need to access my account? They must have logs on their servers why a transaction failed?!

    I didn't provide consent. Did anybody have such experience where Apple had to access their account?
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    May 26, 2016
    Received another call from Apple this morning and it was the same gentleman who spoke to me before regarding the case and he explained again how things will be looked into. I asked him to send that in writing but he declined saying he's not part of the email support team and that it needs to be just agreed over the phone according to their policies. Begrudgingly I agreed because I want to know what's happening with my account.
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    May 26, 2016
    Update - so I received another call the following day and it was the same person dealing with the case. He informed that the engineers have come back and they couldn't find any problems with the account and Apple's official stance is that the transaction is not being declined at their end. He asked me to contact the bank again.

    I got in touch with the bank again and explained the situation. I was then transferred to the security department when the lady confirmed that they can see the transaction being declined but again confirmed that it has nothing to do with the card as such. She also pointed out that I should try the transaction directly using the card and without Apple Pay to see if it goes through. Apparently they're aware of a situation where transactions fail when using the card in combination with Apple Pay on Apple Store specifically. She also confirmed that it's not under their control.

    I tried the transaction using the same card but without Apple Pay and it went through. Bizarre issue but there you go. Just in case anybody else comes up with the same problem.
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    Jul 25, 2007
    My Apple Pay is always rejected only when I use the Apple Store app to checkout while in apple's brick and mortar stores. Works everywhere else. Has never worked with Apple.

    Apple and the bank point fingers at each other.
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    Jun 15, 2010
    Oddly enough, I get the same issue (Apple Pay declined) whenever I try to purchase anything at a Nike store/outlet. At physical Apple stores Apple Pay usually works for me however when I purchased a new phone earlier this summer at one of their stores using Apple Pay the transaction got flagged as fraudulent and I had to jump through a bunch of hoops with my bank to unlock my account!
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    Jul 4, 2012
    Those having problems - credit or debit card? From experiences I've heard of some places have issues with debit cards but not definite from the small sample I've heard. My bank told me it isn't supposed to work with debit cards being used as debit but it does for me in some places?
    Just curious.
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    May 26, 2016
    Update - I've sent an email to the person who was handling my case detailing this issue. Hopefully there'll be a resolution to this at some point.

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