PayPal/eBay Policies Rant!

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by coopdog, Apr 15, 2011.

  1. coopdog, Apr 15, 2011
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    coopdog macrumors 6502a

    Oct 5, 2002
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    My friend knew I was good with eBay and needed a watch sold. I got him double what the pawnshops were willing to offer.

    With eBay/Paypal, I feel like I sold the item, funds are in Paypal so I should be able to send those funds to my checking account as soon as they have cleared. In this case I needed to get my friend his money and pay $50+ for shipping, so I wired the funds quickly after they posted; one week later, bam! 21 day hold on all funds from eBay selling to cover refunds. Their decision "was not made lightly," is based on how quickly you withdraw funds and when the buyer gives feedback and will be reevaluated in 35 days.:mad::rolleyes:

    I messaged the guy I sold the watch to and told him to leave feedback (pos or neg). I wanted to sell some tech items, but was pissed I couldn't get my funds for 21 days; emailed Paypal and their were no active holds. OK. Last week I sold a vintage set of housewares for $125 plus $47 for int'l shipping - again I wire the money to my account the next day so I can send the item. TODAY - BAM; another 21 day hold because I haven't received feedback yet! I have over 400+ 100% feedback and 3 credit cards and my checking acc. linked to paypal! No disputes or even a returned item! And the same accounts since 05'

    I find this really unfair because:
    1. The money is mine as part of a legally binding agreement.
    2. There is nothing that tells any buyer they must give feedback.
    3. Buyers are not aware that by not giving feedback they may place an acc. on hold.
    4. Paypal never tells you when the holds are removed, only if you inquire.
    5. I can't request as part of any auction that someone gives me feedback within so many days after receiving an item.
    6. You can't even submit an auction to eBay with the words "money order" or the like; Monopoly!
  2. chrisperro macrumors 6502


    Oct 24, 2009
    same here,i have $350 in paypal and i have to pay for shipping from my own pocket ,i try not to sell in ebay but how can i go wrong if i just sold my 1st gen. iphone for $160 to a person in madagascar.
  3. tktaylor1 macrumors 6502a


    Feb 16, 2010
    Nashville, TN
    Hey I find this funny because my friend actually fell for the Madagascar scam. He was actually selling an iphone he got off craigslist. Later I told him he is an idiot and laughed.
  4. chrisperro macrumors 6502


    Oct 24, 2009
    what was the scam?
  5. tktaylor1 macrumors 6502a


    Feb 16, 2010
    Nashville, TN
    Selling an item to lets say Africa, then you get your money and try to transfer it and it does not work. I do not exactly know the details and how it works but all I know is he sent his item and didn't get his money.
  6. blow45 macrumors 68000

    Jan 18, 2011
    bunch of crooks they are both of them, I 've had the worst experiences with both.

    I got an ipod off of someone on ebay (a featured ad btw) who said they shipped ipods from the uk, they shipped it from china, it was counterfeit. They had me sent it back to the counterfeiter (!!!!! instead of having me declare it as counterfeit to the authorities as I should have) at my own cost and then they wouldn't return me the money (nor the postage fees back to the counterfeiter) because the package couldn't be tracked all the way back to the counterfeiters address in China, despite my providing them with a tracking number that showed that at least it had arrived in China. I mean if you can effing believe it... and you know it wasn't about the money as much as they time they wasted me..unbelievable... Of course after I contested the charge with my bank and they whooped their behinds, they called me up and started sucking up to me, on what should we do now etc., after 5 months, uggghhh....

    always report them to the ombudsman if the pull any **** with you, I did but (and I am ashamed to say this) I got too exhausted at the end to go through with the process although the people at the financial ombudsman were extremely helpful.

    Mind you this was back in the day when ebay did not have phone support and after reporting this in the "user" forums, to add insult to injury, I got showered with abuse.

    Gotta love these guys, don't take their word for anything and report them first chance you get to the authorities. They are a de facto monopoly, bring these crooks down.
  7. Doc750 macrumors 6502a

    Aug 11, 2010
    ebay and paypal are going to ruin online commerce for everyone.

    there is no real alternative to ebay. One day enough people are going to complain and some congressman will take up the issue in order to garner support, and will start the slippery slope to online commerce regulation that will in effect destroy a good thing. And it all started with the stupidity and greed of large corporations, who failed to effectively self regulate the system themselves.
  8. blow45 macrumors 68000

    Jan 18, 2011
    well said, and sadly it always starts like this: greed, and usually from large corps... I guess we 'll have to suffer through it until more people wizen up and become more responsible consumers and citizens, and I am including myself it goes without saying.
  9. ZGXtreme macrumors regular


    Sep 19, 2008
    I needed to vent so I searched for an appropriate post by searching "eBay Rant."

    Ok... so I sell a black 16GB iPhone 4 on eBay. Was used two months and spent those months in an Otterbox Defender. Got the fiancee' a white one so needed to sell this one. In perfect condition.

    Find a buyer, ship it, he receives it. He replied the phone is perfect but the "WiFi is locked" which I don't understand due to his broken english but I know it worked. In our communication he fails to properly explain what he means by "WiFi locked" so I tell him how to properly Activate the phone. He refuses to follow those instructions or even read the damned instructions and files a case with eBay stating all iPhone he has bought off eBay to sell have worked and this one doesn't which I know does since I tested it, I'm a little OCD like that.

    So I explain to eBay that he simply isn't doing what needs to be done to fully activate the phone and point to the terms of the auction which state no returns and sold as-is. Not that there was the slightest bit wrong with the phone but I didn't want some dumbass pulling what this cat did.

    Tonight here comes the email... found for the buyer. Good grief. Stupidity really is going to be our civilizations downfall. Just just getting the short end of the stick due to the clinical stupidity of another.

    Screw it... will just keep it as a spare or set it on the desk in the home office as a clock.
  10. Queen of Spades macrumors 68030

    Queen of Spades

    May 9, 2008
    The Iron Throne
    I have really soured on selling things online lately. I have been ripped off on eBay and with Paypal a few times and swore off selling there ever again. I have decided just to skip the hassle and sell either here on MR or on craigslist, and that's it.

    The final straw for me was Amazon. I listed an Incase Neoprene sleeve in soft green on the Marketplace. Described perfectly, listed it for a steal since I picked it up cheap, etc. Some woman buys it, I ship it to her (via priority over the slow/standard shipping she paid for), and a week later she files a dispute with Amazon.

    She doesn't contact me, she immediately leaves negative feedback and files a chargeback claim, and in the message she calls me a moron (all in caps of course) because I sent her a green sleeve instead of a black one. I contact amazon and I'm like, it's clearly in the item description, I even put the color in all caps.

    Apparently you can't list different colored items in the marketplace under a single item - IE, if you want to sell a green sleeve, you need to do it under the green listing. Amazon didn't have a green sleeve listed, and since I saw other people doing the same (even with things like ipods - listing a colored one under a silver listing, etc), I thought it was perfectly fine. A legitimate mistake that I did not realize until speaking with Amazon.

    So I agreed to refund her completely - including shipping to send the sleeve back to me. Do you think she sent it back? No. After all her complaining about how horrible it was, she kept the sleeve. A week later, Amazon refunded her from my account. When I contacted them asking about her never returning my sleeve, they told me she was not required to send it back in a case where a listing was incorrect. She got to keep the money and the sleeve, and I was left with no sleeve, bad feedback, and $18 missing from my bank account.

    I'm so sick of scammers, liars, and ******s stealing from me with the blessing of Paypal, eBay, and now Amazon. It's not worth the hassle anymore.
  11. blow45 macrumors 68000

    Jan 18, 2011
    while their (finally...) support is at last existent, as opposed to nil, zip, nada, they are to me the most "legitimate" bunch of crooks I ve ever come across, avoid them if you can like the plague. It's so disappointing that a competitor can't easily enter this market, but here's your global unaccountable multi billion corporations and how they work. Disgusting.
  12. MacHamster68, Aug 29, 2011
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    Sep 17, 2009
    ebay is great dont know what you guys are on about , as a buyer you got all rights and the sellers the duty's to pay listing and final value fees

    i canceld my ebay seller account after being seller for 8 years in the UK and another couple years before in germany where i even was powerseller ,but today its just to much hassl you list that you insist of 10 positive feedbacks of the buyer and enable it , and still 2 feedback buyers can bid even buyers with unpaid item cases can
    the only thing that works great ebay is very quick collecting the final value fees , but you need to wait 21 days to get your money if the buyer does not leave feedback or worse if he does not pay
    sure in the later you get those back once the unpaid item case is over usually it takes 14 days before you see that money ebay took of you again need to wait before you can start unpaid item case , even if the buyer responds a minute after auction telling you his 3 year old son did bid on the item at 3 am in the morning you still need to wait 4 days before you can file a case and then another 4 days during the unpaid item case

    ebay really was excellent years ago , but today it seems everybody who fancy opens a ebay account and starts bidding for fun

    in the old days you could as a seller leave negative feedback , today no chance you can only give positive feedback ,and if your positive sounds to negative the buyer who has not payed in time or so , because he was in holidays and could not access his account for whatever reason , or send you the item back damaged or with parts missing , because he says he does not want it for whatever reason he can get your negative sounding positive feedback removed by ebay , so no chance to win as a seller any longer
    in the old days you could even split listing and final value fees between buyer and seller , cant do that any more

    its all about ebays profits , they dont care any more they are near monopolist in the business and they know people will come to buy and sell anyway

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