'PayPal Here' for iOS Updated with Revamped User Interface, Dynamic Search

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    PayPal today updated its point-of-sale solution app PayPal Here, bringing a refreshed interface and a variety of features. The app now includes a dynamic search tool that allows users to search for specific items and charges, a streamlined custom inventory entry system, and the ability to swipe cards at any moment during the order process. The update also includes enhanced cart views and simplified order entry fields for quicker sales processing.

    PayPal Here originally launched on the iPhone in 2012, and debuted on the iPad last year with additional features, including the ability to connect to a cash drawer and printer. The app allows individual users and businesses to accept credit and debit cards, send invoices, and track cash payments among other point-of-sale features.

    PayPal Here is a free app for the iPhone and iPad and can be downloaded through the App Store. [Direct Link: iPhone/iPad]

    Article Link: 'PayPal Here' for iOS Updated with Revamped User Interface, Dynamic Search
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    London, UK
  3. jimthing, Apr 8, 2014
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    Perhaps when they start to do the most basic of things, then people might want to continue to use them, rather than jumping ship to the newer competition as soon as it arrives, coming-up the rear (roll-on Apple ID payments, et al!).

    A couple of things off the top of my head that annoy me with PP (I'm sure everyone has they're own):

    - Cannot NAME cards.
    I have several debit/credit cards on my account for different uses, with new cards issued every so often I certainly cannot remember the last 4-digits on them all, in order to chose the one I wish to use at the time. Yet, do PP offer a "description" on their system so I can name the card "Natwest main dc" or "MBNA main cc" (like Apple already realised was useful for users on introduction of Safari Card Autofill): Nope!

    - Select payment source.
    Can I leave the balance in PP, and just use another card to fund the whole transaction? Nope! I have to spend down on the PP balance first, and top-up with credit from another funding source if needed for the transaction. Why oh why PP? "...just because..." is their reasoning.

    - Bad &/or wrongly administered policies.
    Hold your funds on ANY prerequisite they feel like, with little-to-no explanation &/or help to resolve the issue: that's Paypal. Shut accounts for similar reasons: that's Paypal. Ignore evidence supplied to them, and find in-favour of the party that failed to supply any evidence: that's Paypal. ...yadda yadda yadda...

    Most people are simply forced to use them rather than choosing to (certainly to make Ebay work as sellers/buyers) by a manipulation of factors. The sooner they have more competition the better!
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    Is there an alternative to secure online services ? I am fed up with paypals 2 euro charge in each transaction. Would you trust to make payments only with your credit card on eBay and Amazon ?
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    Jul 12, 2012
    Been doing CC payments on Amazon for years. No issues.
  6. Revearti macrumors member

    Oct 29, 2011
    For friends and family, I've been using Venmo for a few years. However, I just learned Braintree bought them and now eBay bought Braintree. Who knows what the future of Venmo is going to be like. It's cleaner than PayPal, and I'm not sure if it works outside of the US.
  7. atsang macrumors member

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    +1 for Venmo, its clean and simple and fast.
  8. MacVault, Apr 8, 2014
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    Hopefully now paypal doesn't blow your eardrums out when you launch the app as its initial release did while leaving your earbuds in your ears. I was hoping for a class action over this! :mad:
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    Sep 21, 2012
    Where is the Advanced Security?

    Maybe they can actually get the app working if you use their advanced security feature. To this point no one using the advanced security on their web page can use the PayPal app correctly. With all the issues PayPal has had in the past with security you would think this would be a top priority.:confused:
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    getting better

    Against the grain, so far I actually like this updated PP Here. I can finally do product lists, and manual entry, at the same time (that was so lame in the prior version). Still a bit buggy/wonky in some areas, but for what I use it for, it works fine. Until something really better comes along, this work for me.
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    Feb 9, 2014
    Ditto for like 7 years.
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    meh. Give me something to pay over my passbook so I can leave all my CC at home.

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