PBG4 RAM dilemma!


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Oct 26, 2005
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Hello there,

I currently own a 15" PB G4 1.25GHz. However recently I've upgraded the RAM from 512MB to 2GB.

Apparently the PB suffered from frequent kernel panics which always caused the system to lock up, I put up with it for a week until I've had enough as the crashes became more disturbing. Then I took out the new 2GB sticks out and put the old 512MB ones (that came with PB originally) back in and the PB functioned perfectly well as normal like it used to before the new RAM were put in.

The new 2GB RAM are of Kingston Technology make so it looks like my PB didn't take to it too well. I think it's such a shame Macs sometimes do not take to new RAM that well making it harder for you to upgrade which it would be easier to purchase a new Mac as Apple itself would like you to!

Honestly there is nothing wrong with my PB, it just needs speeding up a bit ready for Leopard's release, that's all.

So what RAM brands are recommended for my fussy PB? Is Crucial worth it? I worry about buying another brand only for my PB to pooh-pooh it again!

I'm kinda in a dilemma so any ideas guys?

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Jul 24, 2006
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There isn't really a compatibility correlation with brands. The only thing you can do is try one and find out. All *should* work fine and most will. There are only a few different manufacturers of the actual RAM chips (Micron, Samsung, etc.), with companies like Kingston, Patriot, etc. merely sourcing these chips and installing them onto their own boards. Like-branded modules may use different chip brands or densities which is why it's hard to point to a particular module and say whether it will work. "It should."

Suggestions: Re-install the 2GB stick(s) and try different combinations - one in the top slot, one in the bottom slot, switch them around, etc. Oftentimes with random lockups like that, there is a slightly flaky connection and the module only needs to be re-seated. If that doesn't work, I would simply return the module or get an exchange under warranty and try something else.


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Feb 19, 2005
Definitely try what was recommended above. I have the same pb and I actually have used the samsung kingston duo myself I upgraded to a stick of crucial and I do believe my other gig is crucial. At first something wonky happened but I swapped the ram in their slots and did a little maintenance on the pb and life is good. Oh and I had to replace the mouse, that appeared to be an issue that came up as more of a coincidence but I truly thought my ram was f'in up.