PC Crashed! Need Help Importing Outlook Express .dbx Files!

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by h0kie99, Oct 18, 2006.

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    Hello! As of yesterday, I had a Dell laptop and an iBook (2 1/2 years old G4). I used Outlook Express on my Dell and have MANY emails in there that I must have access to ASAP (for work). So, yesterday, my PC crashed and is now dead. Someone was able to take out my hard drive and put it in one of those enclosures that I can hook up to my Mac. I have it hooked up, and I can see all of my files from the PC's hard drive. I found the folder where it has all of my Outlook express files (in .dbx folders). I need to somehow get those emails onto my Mac. I don't care what email program I have to use: Mail.app, Thunderbird, etc. etc. I'll use ANYTHING! I just need to get those .dbx files imported onto my mac so that I can read and reply to emails as I was doing with my PC. I have been Googling all night, but all of the sites I find require you to do some work ON the PC first, and I do not have a PC anymore, just the hard drive!!! HELP! :)

    Thank you!!
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    mail import

    as I remember there is a software called "ImportServer" but its been quite a while... check version tracker


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