PC formatted hard drive pluged into imac and now showing it as empty

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by PJ.Morgan, Jun 8, 2010.

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    I have a PC (yes I am sorry about that) with a 750Gb external hard drive which I use on my computer. The hard drive is full of my pc's data (pc is running windows xp). I just bought a new imac hooray ! , and plugged the hard drive into it. A message popped up saying something like, make the drive mac compatible, I said ok. But I think this has changed the hard drive header from PC style NTFS to mac. I do not think the data was wiped as this happened in like one minute. But now I cannot recover my PC data files and have a huge amount of work on there.

    So how can I recover my data ? Should I try a program like Diskwarrior on the Mac, or use a PC based program to try and recover the files ?

    Oh I should add, I could not see the external drive originallwhen I plugged itback into the pc, so I installed Macdrive and could then see it. But it shows it as empty. We can see the drive now in windows explorer, and also in Manage/storage/disk management it shows the drive as disk 1 as healthy but with file system now listed as HFSJ. Does this mean HFS file system and its drive J ?

    We are running a program called EASUS Data Recovery Wizard. It is scanning the drive and has so far found 1039107 files and a NTFS file record of 1021854. The program has only been running 6 mins. So will probably let it run and see. On the status bar it has just highlighted like 1% so I guess this may take a few days to complete ! What do you think ?

    Many Thanks for any advice offered, and yes the pc is going in the garbage once I can get my files off this external hard drive
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