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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by norcalstadium, May 21, 2008.

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    Sometimes, when I plug in a USB cable, my MacBook Pro is unresponsive, disallowing me to access the information carried by the USB cable (for example, I am currently struggling in my attempt to figure out how to import a video from my camcorder using iMovie HD, because my Mac doesn't show anything about the plugged-in USB cable).

    On my old Dell, however, whenever I plug in a USB cable, I can always just go to "My Computer" and the USB is recognized.

    Does anybody have a solution to my problem (my inability to, for example, import a video due to a lack of my Mac's responsiveness to the plugged-in USB cable)?
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    Well, if it's just info about what's plugged in that you're after - head to 'About this mac' then click 'More info' - then you can see everything that's plugged in.

    If it's a traditional MiniDV camcorder though it'd be a firewire connection you'd need to import video... unless it's one of the newer hard drive camcorders etc.
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    Was your old Dell a desktop? Often times for camcorders and other "high" power devices the USB port has to be a powered USB port. Not all USB ports are identical and this may be the problem. Someone else, will surely, straighten out (eg flame) my loose jargon, but nonetheless some USBs are unresponsive on some systems because the system is has low-power USB ports.

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