PC stalls when opening files, but only when not connected to the backbone


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Yes, this is a PC question. I have successfully stumped the IT guys (again). Their solution is "live with it", which to me is a total copout. So I thought I'd post about it here and see if anyone had seen something similar.

I work for a state government. My office is in my home. I have Windows 7 Professional. When I want to connect to the server, I use a VPN via Cisco AnyConnect and two-factor authentication. When I'm connected to the VPN, everything is peachy.

When I am not connected to the VPN (i.e. most of the time) is when the trouble starts. This happens often when I try to open a file directly and every time I try to access the file directory (File:Open) - the system hangs for 20-40 seconds. For instance, when opening a PDF, Acrobat opens, it stalls, and Not Responding appears in the top bar. Give it a bit, and it will open. Same thing with Word, Excel, Outlook, even FileMaker 7 (yah, long story...).

So the best thing I can come up with is that the computer is trying to map unconnected network drives every time I access a file directory, irregardless of if I'm currently accessing a local file. When they are connected - no problem. When they aren't connected - we get a stall while the computer tries to find H: and I:. And when I try to show the IT guys, I have to meet them in a different office and the problem can't be duplicated because all the internet connections are on the backbone with the network drives...

What I can't figure is why or what to do about it. Anyone ever see something similar?

The easy solution is to always connect to the VPN - what a pain in the neck. The other solution is to "live with it"...

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Sep 3, 2014
The system attempting to map unconnected network drives as you wrote is a good starting point.

- Does your system's group policies set your default document location to a network location, for example?
- If it happens when you're trying to open specific documents, I'd check those documents for references to documents on network drives.


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Apr 8, 2008
Are they running any type of HIPS? Could also be a virus scan that is trying to phone home.


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Thanks. These are some good places to start. I'll have to look into them.

Let me give you some more information:
  1. My division has 8 field staff who have similar computer setups. I'm the only one who seems to be having this issue.
  2. I have had this issue every since I have had this current laptop.
  3. Our IT department is...obsessive. Our machines are starting to get so locked down, I'm not even sure I can check the settings! They've even locked out USB drives because someone wasn't following their policy. Don't get me wrong. I know we have a lot of really sensitive information and we are a pretty big target for hackers. I just get tired of being restricted across the board to the lowest common denominator.
Of the settings I can change, most revert whenever I connect to the backbone. So I'm not sure I can solve this longterm. But figuring out an issue the tech support guys couldn't would be it's own satisfaction!
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