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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Link2999, Jan 9, 2010.

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    What's the best site to find expert PC tech support for actual hardware? I'm trying to fix one of my old laptops myself and I believe I know what's wrong with it. I opened it all up, found a broken piece and I think I know where it's broken off of but I don't know what it would be doing broken off of that spot. It's a Compaq Persario 2100 by the way, and if anyone here could actually help me I took some pictures. What's wrong with it is that it won't take a charge, not because of the battery, but the actual metal piece that takes the charge from the cable got loose from the motherboard (or so I thought anyways).

    Here's the broken piece:


    Charge Hole:


    Black Box (On other side of charge hole), it's loose and the small metal piece coming out of it is where I believe the broken piece broke off of:


    Little better view of metal piece coming out of black box:

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    ^ I looked through it and it doesn't really seem to focus on the physical hardware.

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