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Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by vaderhater245, Aug 11, 2009.

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    This may sound like a stupid question to some I'm sure. I'm generally very knowledgeable about this stuff. I currently have Gaming PC that is dual boot with Vista and Windows 7 RC. My neighbor recently bought a new Mac Pro and we're curious to see how it handles certain games. In theory, is it possible to just stick the Windows 7 RC hard disk into the Mac Pro and boot up just fine? after installing the mac drivers obviously... The disk in question is a brand new WD 1TB Black drive. the exact one sold on newegg for $95 I believe.


    Obviously on the Mac Pro it would be under Dual Boot situation as well with OSX and Windows 7. He'd keep his OSX drive where it is and put my Windows drive in the slot next to it.
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    Windows is very unhappy if hardware changes on an installed system. On top you will be booting with EFI firmware instead of BIOS. I would make an educated guess here that it will not run and my confidence level on that is 99%.
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    Your best bet is to install on a fresh blank HD on the Mac Pro, install the Mac Pro drivers and do your tests , play around, don't activate. I've run Windows 7 on a separate drive on my Mac Pro and found it to be better than Vista in terms of speed of response. When it came down games, the graphics card was the deciding factor as you'd expect.
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