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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by AirborneAngel, Feb 7, 2008.

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    For some reason my video card (a gigabyte nvidia 7600gs) became dislodged...I put it back in place and rebooted. upon reboot everything had pink splotches/lines through it, when i go to dxdiag it does not recognize my card and says to install the latest drivers...which i have done to no triumph, could someone please help me?

    My card is a Gigabyte nVidia 7600gs 256mb, and I cannot find the right drivers (I have installed both the drivers from the Gigabyte site and from the nVidia site, but neither of them have worked, I have also installed from my Driver CD...but that didnt work.) Thanks in advance.

    Did I fry my card? Do you guys think I need to buy a new one? If so which one?

    It's kind of ironic, my MB (that I am typing this from works just fine) but I mainly use my PC for gaming.
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    "For some reason" would be that it was kicked, the monitor cable was forcibly moved while it was screwed into the card, or subject to some major impact, if the card was screwed down (or retained, if it's a tool-less design) properly.

    Try taking the card out completely and re-seating it again properly. Examine the slot on the card, and the pins on the motherboard slot to se if you can spot any damage. Also I'm not familiar with the 7600 but is there a power socket on it towards the back of the card, and if there is is there a cable plugged in there properly?

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