PC user heading to Imac, video/ituens question.

Discussion in 'iMac' started by Ozzhead, May 27, 2012.

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    Im not that new to mac but been awhile, Had a macbook untill the ipad came out and sold it for a ipad. But now its time to leave the windows desktop back to mac, deciding to go with a new Imac 21inch I5. But on this current windows machine I have alot of .mkv / .xivd etc movies. But I also intend on getting a new appleTV to start using airplay my 1080P videos. But what format is ineeded in Itunes to be able to do that? I have around 150 Videos that need to be converted but I dont get my Imac for about a week so im starting now. I have Xilisoft Video Converter Ultimate witch I intend to buy the mac verion too.
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    For videos m4p and for music mp3. I use handbrake to convert videos from from mkv. Files. Converting takes a lot of time, I dl'd SERVETOME (free) on my Imac and dl'd an app called STREAMTOME on my Air and ipad. Your Imac will convert the movie on the fly while your watching movies or music. Your also able to Airplay it on your Apple tv and supports up to 720p...past update now supports 1080p for the new ipad.

    So if all your movies are on an ext. HD....just plug it into your IMAC. SERVETOME allows you to pick which folders to stream. I share mine with family and friends. So they can only view what I checked off what can be streamed. If you did this Definatley need more than 4gb of ram...I have 12gb.
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    Thanks forgot about Airplay through apps. I have Airvideo Sever "just like streamtome. I have 2GB on my windows machine and never had an issure converting 720P files.. to 480P. I'll just have to wait on those 1080's till I upgrade the ram, witch will be on the list to due first.

    Does Ipad2 stream 1080p on streamtome? right now I only have the composite video cables right now but plan to buy the new HDMI cable. But maybe not if its not 1080P.
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    No... Ipad2 does not support 1080p, the past update was for the ipad3 or the New Ipad....
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    You can demux the MKV into m4v with programs lime this:


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