Pc user, possible convert needs some advice please


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Jun 12, 2012

I am a life long windows user. I currently use a Sony Vaio Vpccw22fx, that I upgraded to 8gb of ram. I have for some time wanted to get a Macbook/pro to learn the OS X operating system. I have been flirting with buying a refurbished 15inch macbook pro from the apple site. This computer will cost me $ 1476.21 for last years model. I have the money but it is still a hefty purchase. I was thinking of buying an older Macbook (white one) off of craigs or ebay to learn about macs and the OS off of. Is there any models/years I should look into and are there models/years I should stay away from. One thing I would definitely want would be to be able to run the new mountain lion osx that is coming this July, at a decent level. Also maybe a model that is easily upgradable with ram and possible a new ssd drive. I was eyeing the 2010, white macbook MC516LL/A on ebay. But the used price seems to flucuate greatly, being new to macs, I am unsure of a reasonable price.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

Peace :)


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Aug 24, 2009
the 15" 2011 machines are still great powerhouses it might be hefty but the machine will give you great performance for a long time
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