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Jun 15, 2010
In the past week, I've heard from multiple PC users that they haven't been able to open zip files I've sent them from my Mac running Sonoma. I've just dragged, right clicked, and hit COMPRESS like I have a thousand times before, and then attached to an email. Is there a known issue? A 3rd party app I should consider? I don't have a PC at home to test this...


Sep 20, 2013
Any error message when trying to open zip file your email friends can provide? What email client are you using?
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Aug 9, 2009
A sea of green
I suggest making a test zip, confirming with a PC user that they can't open it, then attaching that test zip to a post here. This lets members with technical skills examine an actual failing case. It's far simpler to download a file and poke at it with tools like 'unzip' or other cmd-line tools than it is to write up a comprehensive test procedure using those tools.

I suggest using only test files in the zip. Things like text files, word files, image files made with only test content.
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