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    I don't know how reliable this is but here it is anyways.


    The excitement over the recent news is to be expected. Apple appreciates everyone's interest in Darwin, x86, PPC, Mac OS X, and of course "Macintosh".

    Apple has maintained rights to the PPC architecture. The rights to this technology is incorporated in Apple's "Rosetta" Transitive based solution so that carbonized applications built for the PPC will work on x86 and visa-versa.

    Customers with existing PPC G5's will have the option of a PCI-X based add-on card with a native Intel follow-on to the P4 "D" chip and of-course the Transitive/"Rosetta" bundle. Any other PPC machine bellow the G5 (i.e. G4, G3 machines) are not included on the current roadmap inclusion. Third-party providers have shown interest is providing a solution for down-level Macs.

    In regards to the G5, IBM pretty much has hit a standstill with the existing PPC architecture (i.e. PPC G5) and scalability. The initial IBM roadmap to reach the 3 GHz mark never happened and has slipped not only months but years. This really disappointed Steve and everyone else at Apple as the architecture was quite promising.

    The big problem is heat dissipation. As you guys have probably noticed, the high-end dual G5's have been sporting "water-cooling" for some time now. The old saying in the industry is "The last to water wins", IBM lost and Intel has clearly won.
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    Sorry about that - doesn't seem to be legit. I guess I should have read the whole thing before posting....eh...

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    Not when you consider a card like that would be more expensive than an Mac Mini x86.

    Cost was the major reason these co-computer cards lost out the Softwindows and Virtual PC -- the software was less expensive by far, even though it was slow.

    Now these cards will be slow (going through PCI or PCI-X), and the Mac Mini x86 fast and cheap.

    So it's silly to think that there is a chance for these cards to make a comback.

    Edit: On second thought...

    If Apple did sell them people would buy them even if they cost as much as a new computer. :rolleyes:

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