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Jul 10, 2001
There's no chance that Apple will re-enter the PDA market. Jobs personally killed the Newton, and saved Apple a fortune by doing do - look at the difficulties Handspring and Palm have encountered. Psion has even pulled out of the PDA market altogether. Face facts - the Newton is dead.

Besides, the Newton OS is long in the tooth, and I don't believe Apple would have been willing to distract the OS X team from their crucial work to fiddle arround with a handheld version - also, a project on this scale would have been impossible to keep a secret.

An MP3 player also seems unlikely. It's hard to see how an Apple branded MP3 player would offer more value than devices currently available, and would only serve to discourage 3rd party manufacturers from making their devices Mac compatible.

My bet is on a home entertainment system that plugs in to your TV and HIFI, and networks with your Mac using Airport (the benefit is that your Mac is usually in a different room to your home entertainment system, and Aiport does away with untidy wires between rooms).

The device enables you to browse your MP3 collection using your TV and listen to it on your HIFI. It also lets you watch Quicktime TV channels on your TV, DVDs from your Mac's DVD ROM drive and Home Movies from iMovie. Other applications include presenting photo slide shows on your TV and video telephony.

Up until now, Apple's digital hub strategy has focused on the Mac has the hub for a variety of portable products. This new device will exand the scope of the digital hub strategy to position the Mac as the home hub, acting as a gateway to the Internet for a wide variety of household devices.

That's my bet anyway - for what it's worth. Don't flame me until tomorrow guys ;-)



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Oct 17, 2001
Scammonden, UK
Not Flaming

As much as I hate to agree, I would love to see a new newton but there is not much chance :(

I am a made collector of Hi-Fi stuff, currently have a 200w Sherwood/180w Eltax system which is a lot of fun, almost as much as my pbg4. It would be very cool to have an Apple hifi piece on the shelf.

Might be worth checking the Harmon Kardon site, if they have something similar it may be a re-badged version of that, although I doubt a "Revolutionary Device" is a rebadged bit of kit. Anyway only a few hours away!!!

Heres to the small chance of a Newton!!!



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Oct 23, 2001
the banality of a stereo component

I, too, would far prefer some kind of pda/newton device. A stereo component just seems so entirely uninteresting - unless it's a highly interactive device that allows for some kind of content creation (video editing/ audio or video recording/something) then it just seems like a waste of apple's talent.

I guess I'd like something like a blackberry or treo, with a much higher level of multimedia.

well shucks, only a matter of hours, now...
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