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Apr 12, 2001
One analyst feels Apple should re-enter the PDA market it created:

Dorsey cites Handspring as the most attractive proposition for an alliance with Apple. Cheaper than Palm, its acquisition price of $1.3billion is a drop in the ocean compared to Palm's $3.7 billion, he claims.

Meanwhile kuro5hin speculates about a new "iPad" - which in various forms, has drummed up a lot of speculative talk amongst hopeful Apple fans.


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May 29, 2001
Hardware Rumors discussion in a nutshell

There has been plenty of speculation going on in another forum of this page. Let me just summarize some of it...

macboy posted this link with a beautiful pixelpushing PDA speculation:

asurace posted another:

Finally, after a deep discussion of users liking or disliking of these device speculations, I gave my newest insights on this topic:

"I like the first one very much. But the tech specs make me think it would be much more the new iMac than a PDA...

Remember, Apple announced to cut CRT displays and entirely move to flat screens. Now the iMac is the only CRT-based computer in its product line. It's evident there will be a change here.

Why shouldn't they combine some Cube-Technology (small space, top loading CD-slot) with a flat-screen and the iMac's all-in-one idea. The result would be exactly what we see as the probable PDA in the first post in this forum."

And there is even more speculation about Apple building a new PDA device (see my second post):

"On http://www.macaddict.com I just read that an Alpha spokesman gave a hint on a Newton2 they are to produce for Apple. Sure, this is far from being industry news, especially because Alpha is the organization that made up all the fuzz about the new iBooks which are to come in multiple colours and larger screen.

But still it is a hint on what Apple could be going to introduce on MWNY. I desperately pray for an Apple PDA. And think it clearly - their original Newton was way ahead of its time. But they may derive much know how from it (handwriting recognition, system software, building small devices, etc.) Now, the idea to step into this market and enlarge their vision of a digital hub wouldn‘t be a weird strategy. And with either the cube and much more the new iBooks Apple has shown that they are able and willing to produce small and feature packed mini-super-computers. They could really be out for another surprise to the market. And we all know how much Steve likes the phrase "There's one more thing..."

Given this rumor is true, it would be the only proposition for Apple to construct a PDA (which of course would NOT be named Newton2 - something like iPDA is much more likely) and source out the production to Alpha or whatever manufacturer. I more and more doubt Apple will establish a close relationship with precisely this company, because they are far too loselipped. A fact that is good for us rumor-fanatics but it really might hurt Cupertino's PR and marketing."

Let's hope it's true!!!




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Apr 13, 2001
Apple PDA

It would be amazing for Apple to jump into the PDA market. I thought before that Apple would be crazy to do it. The competition was too fierce and Palm owned the market. But with the conditions as they are now (Handspring and Palm hurting), the time might be ripe. Microsoft debuted their pad, and it's pretty nifty to be honest. I know Apple can make something better than that. And if it ran OSX... omg...

I think the time is right for something like this. And for Apple.

If it's under $1k, I think it could be a hit. If it costs the same or near an iBook, why bother to pay the extra price?


agreed Gandalf. I dont know why Apple fans stateside are so hung up over palm tops. They are NOT a raging success outside the US - here in Europe the mobile phone reigns supreme, whereas a palmtop is regarded merely as a glorified filiofax, and as such a gimmick. No matter how good a newton 2, it will more than likely bomb in Europe.


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Apr 13, 2001
What about a palmtop in Japan?

Running OSX & not Windows CE?

What if it were able to dial cells via wireless?

It would rock Europe harder than WW2 did...