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    Aug 19, 2005
    How do you know the best PDA's to use with new pb's? I am sure there are some compatability issues... Is there a certain brand that caters to Mac users or am I blowing this out of control and most brands work with mac. Any info is greatly appreciated.
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    Apr 9, 2005
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    Sep 24, 2005
    Just don't get a Pocket PC (running windows CE).
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    Jul 26, 2005
    Palm OS sync is still being supported for Macs.
    Pocket PC requires a third-party sync option (Missing Sync), but several people on this thread have used it with good experience.

    A big part of the decision is what you are using it for.
    For example, if Wi-Fi is a must, then the Palm OS options are limited. You could only use the LifeDrive, Tungsten C or one of their other Palms with the additional Wi-Fi card.
    This is one area that people have felt that Palm is a bit lagging.
    If your primarily goal is information management, Palm OS is very user-friendly.
    I myself use have used Palm OS for several years & find it to be excellent for my needs.
    I do believe that most Palms will work fine for Mac, but on the Palm website (link here), they recommend either the Zire 31 or Zire 72.

    Hope that helps - good luck!
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    Boston, MA
    i have the palm zire 72. since apple took over the syncing process via isync it works like a charm. i never use palm desktop for mac. i use ical, adressbook. i sync via bluetooth without any problems. there are a few glitches however: notes don't get synced (memos do), the ical categories get lost sometimes. aside of that it's o.k..

    as said before the zire's have no wifi capabilities.

    you get doc's to go and acrobat reader. so you can read/view/edit all important documents (including excel and powerpoint) on the go.

    battery life and overall quality is good. the built in camera is low quality but useful for a picture of a message board or stuff like that.

    i guess you need to figure out how you mainly use the pda.
    if it's strictly professional use you might want compatibility with ms outlook on windows rather than mac.
    if you need it to organize your private time, keep something to read with you and also use it for work than the zire 72 with mac/isync is a good choice IMHO.

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    Jul 24, 2005
    Sorry to hijack the thread, but anyone have experience with the Tungsten T5 with mac sync via BT? Does it work just as well as any other palm?

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