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    So my last year as undergrad began a couple days ago and most of my teachers are using our school's online component (for lack of a better term) to make class more interactive and accessible for students. It's called SacCT (WebCT) and all of my teachers this semester are putting up grade information, assignments, and lecture notes into their class's specific site.

    Anyways, I digress, but my question was: is there anyway to convert PDF files into something compatible with KeyNote? For some reason, this semester, all the lecture notes are in PDF format and can only be printed out. Last semester, I was able to download the file into Powerpoint and OneNote (I was a PC last semester) and make changes to each slide and add extra notes if needed. But yeah, if there is anyway to convert a PDF file into KeyNote so that I may make any changes, add/remove notes, etc. that'd be great.

    Thank you very much, ahead of time, for any help received. :D:apple:
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    Based on what I *think* you're saying, not really.

    I *think* you're saying that you want to re-edit the PDF documents, even though they've already been made. And you want to do this using Keynote. This won't work, as PDF documents are final and Keynote cannot re-edit them. On the other hand, you could get a program like Adobe Acrobat Professional (your college may sell it for cheap), which allows you to re-edit PDFs after they've been made.


    If you're asking, "Can I import PDFs into Keynote?" That answer is yes. Just open the PDF up in Preview. On the right side, it will show the table of contents. Just drag the page you want out of the PDF, and drop it into the Keynote window.

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    Thanks for your help Ziggy =]

    Actually, your second comment was spot on. But brb, time to import 115 slides into KeyNote.

    Thanks again, Ziggy ;)

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