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    Ok, so our company has started sending PDF files to an attorney's office. We are running on all Windows based machines and they run on all Mac machines. When the file comes in, they are all showing up as zip files instead of pdf's that they can open right up. Is there any way to get these files to just show as the PDF that they came in as so they can just open the file from the email instead of having to unzip them?

    Also, if there isn't a way to do this, what is the best zip app to unzip these files that is free?

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    The Mac can natively open up .zip files. All the user has to do is double click it and it will open with the built in app, however The Unarchiver is a good alternative. Not sure why the PDF files are converting to .zip, they should be the same format that they were sent in (at least as far as I know, someone please correct me if i'm wrong).
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    Drew017 is correct on all the info they provided you. The files would have to be converted to .zip files first and then attached to the email to be .zip files. They would not convert to .zip files after being sent. Is it possible you are talking about it being an icon of the PDF file instead of an image of the actual PDF?

    If it is an icon image we are talking about, the recipient of the email on the Mac, can simply right click on the icon and then click View in Place, which will allow them to view the actual PDF. Photos below to show you.

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