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Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by ZGXtreme, Sep 3, 2010.

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    I will appologize in advance but myself and a couple of coworkers are looking for some guidance for an idea we are tossing around. Using our iPads, we would like to use the State Collision (accident) Forms on them while we are at the scene of a crash. Currently we can do so from the laptops (Toughbooks) in our patrol cars but the system runs slow and well it just isn't convenient to carry the laptop around the crash scene.

    The forms we use are formatted for for lack of a better term; protected, in that there are headings and labels for text boxes which can't (don't need to be) edited. We simply need a PDF App which will allow us to type into the text boxes listed within the document as well as check boxes in the document.

    Once completed, we need the ability to e-mail the document to our e-mail at the station so we can add a diagram of the incident.

    In my research, "iAnnotate" is mentioned frequently but I suppose we get confused with the use of the word "annotation" in how in applies to our circumstance. Should we be good entering and saving text as individual files from the template with any of the Apps available?

    I have included a screenshot from my Toughbook to kinda show what we are working with.

    Click for Larger
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    iAnnotate would allow you to write in cursive on the PDF file, not IIRC correctly, fill in the fields via touch typing.

    I'm interested in this, as I have a form that I want to create for Accident Reports that can be filled in, printed (when printing is available in November) and handed to a Paramedic.

    If you can email the form you use, or transfer to your iPad, you could test to see if the iPad will open it and let you type in the fields.

    I'm going to bookmark this for further responses.

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