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    5045 feet above sea level
    Has anyone done this? Is it satisfying? Would you recommend it?
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    I was in the Peace Corps

    I quit my job in March of 1970 and decided to tour around the country on a motorcycle. While I was in visiting Cincinnati, Ohio I filled out an application for the Peace Corps. I'm an Electronic Engineer and I was notified in November of 70 that the Peace Corps wanted me to come to Washington D.C. for an interview. There are pluses and minus's to Peace Corps service. The plus's are learning a new language and living in a different culture. I was sent to French West Africa. At 31 years old the Peace Corps was able to teach me French in three months. The negative side is you need to be 100 % self sufficient. You need to be able to buy a live chicken and make it dinner. Also, in three months you can survive with the French you know but you can't do much social interaction. Your mastery of the language does not include discussing baseball, for instance. One of the things the interview process takes care of is weeding out individuals who can't handle the isolation without getting depressed. There are problems with depression and they try to weed out those who can't handle it. I spent three years in the Peace Corps and ended up staying there for an additional five years working as an Engineer. I would probably still be there except for the tax structure at the time. $20,000.00 was tax free but you were required to pay taxes on the value of plane tickets, lodging, meals etc. At that time we Americans, were the only people who were taxed overseas. All the other people I worked with were tax free after three months. If it weren't for the taxes I would probably still be there.


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