Peculiar iPhone 5 Display Glitch

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    Hello everyone. I faced a very peculiar iPhone 5's display behaviour: right after the installation of Any.DO To-do list via the App Store, the area of the display for the virtual keyboard (in portrait mode) became a translucent phantom of the equal area from the top of screen. Looks really weird. Please refer to the next photos (clickable):

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    As you can see on the photos provided, the phantom area didn't adapts to the keyboard position — it resides in the same region all the time, but the duplicated image in it rotates with the screen.

    The most weird part, that I haven't succeed in fixing this using all the methods available to the end user. I reinstalled the current stable firmware (6.1) multiple times via iTunes on different computers, using different Apple IDs, using backups and no; started iPhone as a new. I completely removed all content and settings via in-phone menu, even have switched the phone into DFU mode, updated to the developer firmware. I definitely tried everything. No one method worked. This glitch emerges from the very beginning of the phone startup, once Apple logo appears.

    I know, that the easiest solution is to bring the device to the local Apple Store and get a replacement, but here in Russia there are no any Apple Stores, the phone was bought on eBay in the January.

    Maybe there is some secret method to completely restore factory firmware (as I can recall, it was 6.0.1) using regular tools? Or in my case I should go to the semi-authorized local service engineers to try my luck? What do you think, it is a software or hardware fault?

    P. S. I even have recorded a video, because this behaviour very strange and probably someone could be interested, here is a link to it:
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