Pegasus2 Thunderbolt 2 RAID HD - 4K Feature / storage question

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by ScottJared33, Jan 1, 2015.

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    Dec 8, 2014
    Hey all,
    I am making a feature length documentary and I'm using XQD cards, each shooting on each card 128 GB for about 1 hour per card. I'm looking to see which TB drive I'll need, especially since I do shoot a good amount, but since I know the space will be a lot with 4K, I'll be more conservative and get what is essential. A lot of it is interviews, and b-roll and day in the life of type of footage, people explaining their careers, their goals, etc.

    So with that background on it, I've been trying to figured out which RAID HD I need to get, maybe just to start off, to where I can get two of them, one as a main and one a backup, that way I can store the big files on there and reuse my XQD cards since they are definitely expensive.

    So my first choice would be the $1,499 hard drive, the PROMISE Pegasus2 8TB, 4 by 2 TB Thunderboit 2 Raid System, equaling about $3,000. Perfect for my budget and to start out. Can I edit a full feature on there? I'm not so sure.

    Here are the qualifications for this main one:

    Second would be the 12 TB - about $5,000 for both together.

    and worse case, 18 TB. Around $3,000 each. Tough for me and my budget.

    I'm hoping to spend less now for the time being, that way if I need to buy a 32TB drive in a year or two to upload to it as a main backup or as a main in general I can do without having to spend $4,499 up front now. Way out of my budget.

    Has anyone had experiences with these drives? A friend of mine told me that if one dies, the whole thing doesn't die, you just lose 25 percent meaning one disk if you have 4 2 TB drives. Sucks since XQD cards are not cheap.

    Maybe I can put all of the clips onto another separate HD that is a regular 2TB as an extra backup just in case? Or 4TB? Not sure which are reliable though.

    Any help on this is appreciated. I expect to shoot maybe tops 200 hours for this doc.
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    You should also consider the OWC Thunderbay 4. If you buy the empty enclosures you can add your own drives and the whole setup will likely be much cheaper than the Promise units (e.g. $1K for 16TB). You can configure 2 or more drives in JBOD (independent disks), RAID0 for speed and capacity, RAID1 for redundancy, or RAID10 (with 4 drives) for both speed and redundancy. In any case, backup everything to another drive or enclosure.

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