Pegatron's iPhone 4S Orders from Apple Increased to 15 Million Units?

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Oct 12, 2011.

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    In what may be a sign of optimism on the part of Apple regarding iPhone 4S uptake, Digitimes reports on an article from the Commercial Times claiming that manufacturing partner Pegatron has now received orders for 15 million units of the iPhone 4S, with at least two million of those coming in the fourth quarter of this year.
    Pegatron had previously been reported to be targeting 10 million units, potentially not beginning deliveries until 2012 as its stock was said to be focused on Asian markets that will see later launches of the device. But an increase in orders and an acceleration of the production timetable suggest that Apple and its suppliers are working hard to meet demand for the new device, which saw one million pre-orders in the first 24 hours of availability.

    Article Link: Pegatron's iPhone 4S Orders from Apple Increased to 15 Million Units?
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    That'll last them 15 days. :D Kidding, but only slightly.
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    With Black Friday six weeks away, hopefully this bump in production will keep them in supply. Are we to understand that the one half of the 2M for Q4 is already spoken for with the pre-orders?
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    Two million for Q4? Where did you get that figure? It's peculiarly low.

    Also, it's Apple's Q1 (their Q4 2011 ended on September 24).

    Apple sold 20 million iPhones in Q3; my guess is they will sell at least 25 million in Q1 (the quarter ending Sat 31 Dec).
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    Pegatron is not the primary supplier. Foxconn makes most of the iPhones.
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    I thought it said "Pentagon" for a second...

    I was like "F*&k me, we're all done for now". :eek:
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    Still Awaiting Despatch Confirmation

    My 4S has been on order from Apple for 9 day's No despatch confirmation yet, and no money taken from my account.....I guess it will arrive when it's ready....(Latest delivery date is the 2 of November)

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