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Nov 12, 2014
Lakewood, CO
Like many, I assume, I'm a bit upset that Apple decided to NOT have a place to store the pencil. Been looking around, and found a few things that might work with some assistance. is for a single pen, and here is another variation, , and finally this one, .

Am thinking of putting a strip of velcro on the apple smart keyboard cast (where it folds over the keyboard, so the depth of this holder is mitigated somewhat) and on the case/sheath to store it. Just need it to be made in charcoal gray, so it matches the case and keyboard color. (possible) reason why Apple called it a pencil, not a stylus or pen...pens seem to have a standard length of 5.5-6", while pencils (non-mechanical) have standard lengths of 6.5-7" (the Apple Pencil is 7")...<G>

What are others doing?


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Jul 17, 2012
Connecticut, USA
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