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Dec 14, 2015
Bristol, UK
hi. Just got my cash-back paid from my Xmas IPP purchase.

I've been using my IPP on its own without a pencil or keyboard, and I've coped pretty well.

I'm mainly using it for web browsing, forum posting, and email, but have started to do a bit more in MS excel. Excel is a bit frustrating with the software keyboard.

Anyone out there got a view as to whether the keyboard or pencil would make Excel easier to use? Anyone use Excel using third party stylus or keyboards?



Apr 3, 2016
On my Surface Book, when Office365 installs, it notices and adds functionality for the Surface Pen. It's quite impressive out of the box. I can draw on top of spreadsheets, and then click into cells. Writing formulas is awkward, so it makes sense to switch to the keyboard at that point.

My hope is you would see similar features on the iPad Pro. I know for a fact that stylus enhancements are available and built in.


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Jan 6, 2005
A stylus and handwriting recognition doesn't work all that reliably, IMO. As part of my job I'm often outside entering data into excel and I've tried many times. The problem is that the recognition, as good as it is, just isn't quite precise enough when spaces, commas, periods, all matter immensely. I use a stylus in bad weather, but just to tap the keys on the on-screen keyboard while wearing gloves.
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