Percentage of LG 5K Monitors Returned to Apple?


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Sep 17, 2011
I have a 2016 Macbook Pro 15 and would like to upgrade my 5 year old Thunderbolt display to the LG 5K Monitor. Users report problems with maintaining a stable connection to the monitor with laptop freezes, crashes, etc.

Knowing the percentage of time this occurs would be helpful in terms of deciding whether to take the risk of buying a new monitor (and having a problem show up after the 14 day return window). No one at the Apple stores can answer this question.

Any guidance would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.



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Apr 6, 2011
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Sep 17, 2011
Thanks, but.....

I reviewed a few pages of the latest posts. It still looks like these monitors have major problems. Having to deal with LG rather than Apple support after 14 days increases the risk of buying this monitor.


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Mar 22, 2007
As an owner of two 5K LG Ultrafine displays, I would unreservedly recommend them to anyone.

Yes, they have a few minor bugs with some of the peripheral functions such as speakers and auto-brightness control but having spoken with LG support, they have assured me that these bugs will be resolved in the coming few months. In the meantime, the image quality has been first rate and my MacBook Pro 2016 has not crashed in at least the last few months. I did have problems with crashing in the first few weeks but either this has been resolved by OS fixes or changes in my behaviour, specifically only connecting/disconnecting displays when the laptop is awake.

There is no better display for the 2016 MacBook available today.
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Sep 9, 2016
Are there going to be firmware updates to fix the issues, or are the issues hardware-related?
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