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Jun 25, 2011
Just unboxed my iPhone 6 Space Grey 64GB that has been waiting for me whilst I've been away on a trip:)

Perfect on first inspection however the home button is rather wobbly and makes a distinctive sound when you place your finger on it (not pressing down). When I place my finger on it for touch id to do its thing and then release my finger there is a slight 'tinny' sound.

Have the 5S and it's perfect, even when pressing it down it is smooth and not as clunky as the one on the 6..

What are others peoples like? It's giving me the irrats already and will most likely return and take the gamble on another...

Given that I use the button the most I don't think I can overlook this:(:(


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Sep 2, 2013
It feels better than the 5S to me. Mine doesn't feel wobbly though.
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