Perfect sound: Headset Sennheiser MM 50 (w. pics)

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    High Resolution Image below​

    The headset designed specifically for the iPhone by the German professional sound solutions provider Sennheiser is delivered fairly spartan, there are no cases of any kind shipped with. Only two additional pairs of very soft silicone pieces for the inner ear in different sizes (called "ear sleeves") can be found in the efficient packaging. Here I had no need to change: The pre-mounted sleeves fit perfectly in my ears.

    The little box with the switch and the microphone is larger and heavier than that at the original Apple-supplied product (the headset that ships with the iPhone), and is located on the central cable that comes directly from the minijack plug, just before the dispartment into the left and right channels. The pressure point of the switch in the middle is easy to find due to the particular form, it sounds a quiet click. Technically the controls (music, telephone) are completely identical with the Apple's part, even the three-times-click (jumps to the beginning of the playlist's item or to the previous item when pressed within three seconds after the start ... ...).

    The main branch cable is ninety centimeters long (35.43 inches, 2.95 Ft). Especially noticeable is that the further path is asymmetric! The cable for the left earplug is only twelve centimeters (4.72 inches, 0.39 Ft) long, but that for the right forty-two (16.53 in, 1.37 Ft). It is envisaged that the right cable should be worn behind the neck, so you have not so many cables at your front. All the lengths are rather tight for tall people.

    The cable is fairly thin and unfortunately very susceptible to mechanical noise in the earpiece. If it hits somewhere you hear that clearly. This may be seen as disturbing if one moves! But the device is extremely lightweight and portable.

    From the outside, the Sennheiser headset is stylish, discreet and fits very good to the Apple design. The capsules are made of a shiny and premium plastic and have a blazing chrome ring with a decoration molding. The silicon earpads are easy to change (use a soft plastic tweezer when you can't get on with your fingers), and they sit very firmly on the buds, cannot be lost.


    The in-ears fit well and sit pretty sure if they are put into strong enough (almost to the threshold of pain, short term), what is similar with all in-ear solutions. It succeeds with a little practice to get better. This shields them outwardly wonderful (especially middle and high frequencies) and lets the basses of the music sound impressive.

    The sound quality is really excellent and surpasses that of the Apple headset (shipped with iPhone) by far! From electronic to classical music: Clear, brilliant, linear, highly balanced, even speech or video and movie sound, very fine dynamics, impressive bass, a flawless affair. Highest quality listening. Even on high volume no distortions or artifacts at all.

    The very small buds seat and hold properly in the ear canal, I had no problems with really crazy dancing or putting my head sideways on a pillow. The external noise is largely suppressed. Ideal in planes, trains, buses or trams. Seat neighbors get as good as nothing from your program, even in this direction excellent shielding. Pedestrians or runners should pay increased attention, for bicycle (in cities) or car drivers not so ideal.

    The qualities on phone calls are similar high-end, the minimini microphone works surprisingly well even when used as a dictaphone or sound recorder. However, you can hear your own voice very weak then, if the plugs are in your ears, which leads many to speak too loud. Please keep that in mind if you do phone calls with attached in-ear headsets and talk in the subway, in trains, buses or other public places! Better you train it a bit (with a present person who will tell you how you sound) before you begin to shout out loud your privacies.

    Connection via 3.5 mm jack (4 pins) for Apple iPhone, iPod (the latter of course without the telephone control functions) and any devices that provide such a connector. The slim plug fits too into the first-generation iPhone. Works well with Belkin RockStar 5-ways-connector/splitter and Griffin SmartShare Headphone Splitter (without phone calls and music controls of course). Two-years warranty. The sleeves can be ordered seperately.


    They are very easy to clean. Just remove the sleeves and wash them in warm water with little soap, and wipe off the capsules, the cable, the microphone and the plug with a moistened cloth. You can use cotton swabs for that too. Dry carefully. That needs a few minutes once a week or so but then the headset is like new.

    Technical Data

    Frequency range 18 - 22.000 Hz
    Impedance 16 Ω
    Characteristic SPL 106 dB

    Frequency range 80 - 15.000 Hz
    Pick-up pattern omnidirectional
    Sensitivity as per 121 TR 9-5 -44 dBv/Pa

    Colour White or black with chrome
    Ear coupling In-Ear
    Cable length 1.0-1.3 m / 3.3-4.3 ft asymmetric
    Connector 3.5 mm Miniplug (4 pin)


    Pure high fidelity sound in the subway or anywhere else. Outstanding, professional quality stereo acoustics. iPhone's and iPod's high quality music player features will go used. Excellent value for money. Highly recommended!

    Manufacturer's website of Article No. 502555, the headset MM 50 for iPhone is available in black or white. The street price here in Europe is currently around € 45 - 60 (US$ 58 - 78), the price in the Austrian Apple Store (€ 80 = US$ 104 + shipping) is too high by far (link to Sennheiser MM 50 in US Apple Store).

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    Very nice write up. Thank you! Too bad it doesn't have volume controls like the new Apple in-ears. Does anyone make one with volume controls?
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    I got these back in March for $60 on Amazon, and while the above review already said it, these are EXCELLENT earphones. They may not be the top performer in sound, but easily score a 8.5/10, and are pretty cheap!
    -great sound
    -comfortable, don't fall out (I've had other silicon covers, these by far are the best)
    -great controls
    -come in black or white (to match the iphone, of course :rolleyes:)
    -act almost as noise-cancelling, simply because they do such a great job eliminating outside noise
    -jack fits 2G and 3G(s)
    -perfect length cord (i'm 6'0")
    -microphone works great, even in noisy situations (malls, trains, in the car with windows down)
    -earbuds stay in your ears, even in full motion (running, biking, etc)
    ** I dropped these into a bucket of car wash water...they survived.. :D:D**

    -hard to hear own's voice while using microphone
    ---->> solve this by keeping the shorter length earbud in your ear, take the other out. Keeps the microphone closest to your mouth, and you can hear both parties
    -thin cable leads to noise, but i've gotten used to this
    -$60 is a tad expensive, but I baby my earphones, even though they take a lot of abuse :p

    All in all, 8.5/10 stars. I lovve them

    PS- Most earphones don't have volume control. Frankly, I just use the side of the phone, as it requires no direct sight

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