Performance between 2013 13'' mba vs 13'' rmbp

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by SoCal70, Oct 28, 2013.

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    Title says it all. What is the graphic performance between this year's 13'' mba and 13'' rmbp? Is there an arguement in that the Intel Iris 5100 has to work hard to power a retina display vs the Intel 5000 powering the lower-resolution mba display?
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    Would like to know the same answer
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    I guess you're going to need to wait for the Anandtech review which I guess will be late this week/early next week to get these sort of answers. They usually do all the tests and compare them against the models.

    Here's the review of the Air, just need the Pro to match it up


    Looking at the this years Air's numbers vs last years Retina 13", the rMBP was about 15%-25% better on most tasks. So even if you expect that this years rMBP is a slight improvement over last years, it's going to be significantly better than this years Air. I'd guess at 20%-30% better. But, the i7 Air is better than the i5 rMBP by the looks of it
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    Dunno about the performance difference but with the Haswell 13" rMBP being so thin and light, unless you love looking at a pixelated screen, I think retina is the way to go.
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    Pixelated screen? I think this explanation is too much. I don't think air looks pixelated. Retina is the best screen ever I admit it. It's like BMW is a better car then a Volvo but Volvo is still one of the most secure cars. So pixaleted screen is not a word that MBA deserves.
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    LOL.. ok :D
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    Not true at all. You might as well buy the i5 rMBP, downres the screen to the MBA resolution, and have a laptop that's much more powerful than the i7 Air for the same price. The i7 upgrade still remains, quite frankly, a bad choice.
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    I7 Air gets much higher Geekbench

    I've seen the Air get 8700 on Geekbench 64bit and haven't seen the rMBP 13 inch be above 6500 or so. That is a big difference in the Airs favor!
  12. Constantine.T macrumors member

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    it's only your opinion or you've got a prove link?

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