Performance loss in Windows 7?

Discussion in 'Windows, Linux & Others on the Mac' started by tomasdengule, Apr 15, 2009.

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    Apr 8, 2009
    I have windows 7 build 7000 installed on my Imac. When running geekbench i get a huge perfomance loss compared to os x, from >4000 to <3400. Is this something i should be worried about and perhaps install another version of windows instead? I do have a perfomance loss on my mbp running xp aswell although not as large, from >3000 to 2800

    Is build 7000 long out of date? which build was the last one before they closed the beta testing?
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    You're better off really asking this question to developers who are beta testing Windows 7. Because I have no idea on how you're benching or anything of the sort.
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    It doesn't surprise me. I wouldn't even use an MS operating system on launch day, never mind when it's still in beta. Took ages for them to sort out both XP and Vista - they're both pretty solid now, but it's a telling legacy.
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    Build 7000 is about 5 months old (it was compiled around December). If you're wondering the exact day, the date is included in the build string.

    As of now, the latest build is 7077 IIRC. That build is in the Release Candidate tree. However, Microsoft has already started working on the Releaste To Manufacturing tree. They took build 7076 and bumped to to build 7106.

    Any build below 7100 is in the release candidate tree. What I hear MS is doing is "cleaning" up the release candidate tree so that they can release a build to the public for testing (basically, they're trying to eliminate show stopper bugs that may prevent the OS from functioning and working properly). All of our bug reports will be implimented into the RTM tree.
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    This could be because of driver incompatibility as I have similar results using Windows Server 2008 R2 (same kernel as W7). I wouldn't worry about it.

    Build 7000 was the last public beta release. Any of the other build numbers are only available through "illegal" channels unless you are a part of the TAP (customers who test for Microsoft). The release candidate from the 7100 tree will be publicly available in the next few weeks.
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