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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by KDR, Nov 24, 2012.

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    I have been using a 15" rMBP at work for a while now. I am running Parallels with dual monitors. One displaying the Mac OS and the other Windows. I am very happy with this setup and now I need to add another computer or two to the office.

    Question: how will a maxed-out rMBP perform compared to a similarly equipped Mini? I don't use the retina display at work and use two 24" external monitors, so I am wondering if I can go with the mini and save a little.

    Question 2: Does anyone know the best way to run dual monitors on a Mini and how that will compare to running two using mini display port on the rMBP? I am running office applications and don't need crazy graphics. I mainly like these machines because I have gotten spoiled with the speed of the SSDs.

    Question 3: How much faster will the new iMac be compared to the prior two. As with the rMBP, my inclination is to stay away from the Apple displays. I don't need retina in the office and I feel that two 24" monitors are way better for my office apps than a single 27" or larger display.
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    With the mini, you will need to use the HDMI output and the Thunderbolt/Mini displayport to drive the two external monitors. It should work just fine. I have an HDMI-DVI adapter on mine and drive two DVI monitors on occasion.

    I would think the high end mini should perform very similar to what you have with the exception of graphics, assuming you get it with an SSD.
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    You can daisy chain two thunderbolt displays together.

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