Perian 1.1.1 update available

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by Morod, Sep 30, 2008.

  1. Morod macrumors 68000


    Jan 1, 2008
    On The Nickel, over there....
    I'm not sure when it became available, but I just got it this morning. Seems to work fine for me.
  2. KingYaba macrumors 68040


    Aug 7, 2005
    Up the irons
  3. iammike1 macrumors 6502a


    Oct 25, 2007
    Columbia MD
    I grabbed it but since VLC updated to the .9 series, I've been using it as my primary player with no lockups or issues so Perian may be long gone for me.
  4. MagnusVonMagnum macrumors 601


    Jun 18, 2007
    Perian claims to support DTS, but if I try to play one of my Apple Lossless conversions of one of my DTS Music CDs all I get is STATIC on my Mac's speakers (unless I send it through AirTunes to one of my AppleTV units connected to a DTS decoder whereupon I do get proper 5.1 playback of DTS, but this worked without Perian with 44.1kHz DTS Music CDs. Maybe it's because the DTS Music CDs aren't flagged properly for Perian to recognize it's DTS or similarly perhaps it's the 44.1kHz sample rate?

    Basically, it'd be nice if I could get stereo analog playback of DTS music CDs in iTunes for my Mac and my 2-channel only music system in my living room. Only my home theater currently has DTS with multi-channel playback. For example, if I set my iTunes library to Shuffle, it might play a DTS CD and I'd get static in those two rooms. By contrast, if I play a Dolby Digital 5.1 AC3 soundtrack in iTunes, I *do* get playback through Perian in stereo on the Mac system (better than silence or static).

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