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Apr 12, 2001

Live video broadcasting service Periscope on Friday announced full support for 360-degree broadcasting from its iOS app, following testing with a small number of users.

The change means that iPhone users with compatible 360-degree camera equipment, such as the new Samsung Gear 360, can broadcast immersive video feeds of their entire surrounding environment.
As a broadcaster, 360 video allows you to spend less time and energy on framing your shot so you can focus on adding new dimension to your viewers' experience. In 360 broadcasts, viewers will be able to look anywhere while also having the broadcaster present to anchor the broadcast.
If a Periscope broadcast is marked with a "Live 360" badge, viewers can change the point of view by moving their phone or tapping and scrolling around the screen.

Periscope has published a Live 360 broadcasting guide here. Users will need to have downloaded the latest version of the iOS app to broadcast in 360. Periscope is a free app for iPhone available on the App Store. [Direct Link]

Article Link: Periscope Rolls Out 360-Degree Video Broadcasting to iOS Users


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Mar 16, 2011
My ex and son went to Greece and Italy and made tons of these. Best thing I've ever seen, even though they held the camera up by hand and there were slightly fuzzy spots. Definely cool. I looked at all of them at least twice. Makes you feel like you are there.
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