Permanently access Windows share?

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  1. zombiecakes, Apr 16, 2013
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    Jul 11, 2012
    Is there a way to permanently stay connected or have a link to a Windows share in Mountain Lion? In Windows you can setup a network drive which works perfect with OSX, always there, always works, and barely any lag, it even reads the freespace like a normal HDD.

    I am always having to manually connect to the PC in order to access the shares. The share stays in the Finder column for awhile and then inexplicably disappears after I havent used it for awhile and I have to reconnect. If I create a shortcut to a Windows share then it pretty much never works until I reconnect via the connect to server menu. Whats stupid is that it knows Im still connected to the network because it grays out shares Ive already opened.

    I would like to move files to a network drive on an HTPC but OSX makes it such a pain to access them, if I could setup something like a network drive in Windows then that would be great.

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