Permissions Driving Me Nuts - Drive Locked

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    May 4, 2006

    PowerMac G5 dual 1.8GHz running 10.5.8..

    I was experiencing a frustrating issue whereby upon opening iTunes, it would say I had insufficient privileges. It wasn't an issue til I got an iPhone, and then it wouldn't let me authorise it.

    So I got Info on my entire hard drive, and told it to recursively change all files' permissions to read&write access for my admin account. (I'm the only user of this computer... yet there's my user (admin) account, a system account, an "admin" account, and "everyone" account)

    This nearly froze the computer, but then seemed ok... til I restarted... and then the computer would not boot - stayed on a grey screen.

    I booted with my Leopard disk, and ran Disk Utility. It found an error it could not repair... (I googled and it was considered a serious problem... suggested Disk Warrior to fix it, but DW didn't see a problem)

    I tried reinstalling Mac OS 10.5... but at the end, it errorred, saying it couldn't read the old User info...

    I tried again... and it worked.


    My 2nd internal HDD now has a padlock on it... as does an external HDD that I use regularly... so I cannot access them as I do not have sufficient privileges...


    How do I fix this? What is causing it? Why does Apple hate me?



    PS Oh - title should be "Privileges" not Permissions... doh
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