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Discussion in 'macOS' started by 18thTomorrow, Jun 13, 2006.

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    This problem involves two PM G5s, networked in a home office by a Netgear router. One is used by my boss; the other I use.

    My boss' computer also has a LaCie external drive where we store all of our working files. Normal workflow is she'll prep some photos, save them to that drive, and I'll go in and do more work on them.

    However, almost always when I go in to start work, the folders and photos she has created/worked on have had their permissions altered in such a way that I either can't view them or change them (sometimes both, sometimes one or the other.) I have to ask her to go in to the finder and manually change the permissions each time I want a folder.

    The computer didn't always do this; just randomly started one day. I have repaired permissions on both machines to no avail. Any ideas for me?
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    Use SharePoints to create a share.


    Investigate the use of umask to create global "sticky" permissions.


    Ensure that "ignore permissions" is still in effect on the external drive via the "Get Info" box.

    Repairing permissions will have no effect on the external drive what-so-ever.

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