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    1. Right now the permissions for my primary drive are -

    system - read & write
    admin - read & write
    everyone - read only

    The Permissions on my external drive are -

    Me - Read & Write
    Everyone - No Access

    What are the downsides of no access for 'everyone'? It hasn't bitten me yet but I realise it may one day. Would it be OK to set the primary drive's everyone entry to 'no access' too?

    2. How do I give Spotlight back it's permissions after I've remove them from a drive? They were listed previously as "custom" so I have no idea what to set them as. I've tried adding and removing the drive in the privacy list but it didn't work.
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    Unless you are really familiar with *NIX permissions don't fool around with it. When I was working I saw a number of recent CompSci graduates make a terrible mess just by running amok changing permissions.

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