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    Mar 21, 2011
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    Hi all..

    I'm a Dropbox user, and in an attempt to try and have a folder as "Read only". it looks like its only with Team users..

    However, when trying to set a folder as "Read Only" Before I share it, in an attempt to hopefully keep it Read only on Dropbox share, Im trying out figure out on OS X how you can stop users from deleting your files. I figured. out you can only do this for "everyone else" not as an admin. Fist mistake.

    Am I just wasting my time here ? As if the file/folder you set permissions on, could be shared to any OS, which the so called "Read only" ... could be just ignored anyway..

    Add to the fact, Dropbox themselves, may actually alter the permissions to r/w regardless, since its just local permissions anyway you set.

    Anyway around this ? I really don't want to share this as a link.

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